Pooch Parade
Pooch Parade
No upcoming Pooch Parades scheduled.

Pooch Parade - Uptown manners for the Downtown dog!

In this workshop-style class we take a stroll through different parts of the city to focus on your dogs ability to deal with the public, the city and all the other dogs.

We cover basic obedience along the walk to help your dog focus on you and not all the distractions that abound in a lively urban environment. We teach you and your dog about city manners such as sitting at all intersections before crossing, sitting for petting and the proper way to greet other dogs. Additionally, we educate owners on city-approved potty spots, do's and don'ts of basic control of your dog in the city and great places for you and your dog to hang out together.

To make it truly rewarding for your dog there is always a yummy decadent treat for them along the way. You'll get a reward too! We end each session with a stop at a fabulous and dog-friendly Downtown spot for some human nibbles and sips.

To sign up for our next Pooch Parade, give us a bark! tamara@barkandclark.com

Each class is $50 per dog.

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